It's much more than just keeping the lights on.  It's about changed lives here and around the world.

Here at Bridgewood Church, we teach what we believe, and what we believe we do. So as a church we give 14% of our income to help our team of Global Focus Missionaries and partners all around the world. So your generosity not only helps your home church, but it affects people all over the globe. 


Giving FAQs

What is online giving?

Online giving is the ability to give a donation or schedule a series of donations
using your debit or credit card or your bank account.

Are there any hidden charges if I give online?

No.  You select the dollar amount for your gift.  That is the dollar amount that will be
recognized as your donations.  No costs or fees.

Will I receive a contribution statement?

Yes.  We will mail your year-end giving statement directly to
your home address. Need to update your info so we have
your home address? 
Click Here

Who do I talk to if I have any questions?

Contact the Finance Department at 248-625-1344, and they will be
glad to answer any questions you may have.