Engage Your Destiny 

An Event for Military Veterans and their Families

September 9th / 6pm

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Think of the veterans in your life today. 

It could be your grandparent, or your sibling, maybe a friend. That veteran’s sacrifice to serve our country was massive. There is, however, a bigger sacrifice and struggle that veterans are experiencing. 

That sacrifice and struggle is silence.

After experiencing war, many veterans choose to bottle up their thoughts, experiences, and stories, which leaves them attempting to decompress from war - with many finding the transition back into society overwhelming.  And the statistics for veterans are not encouraging - with over 20 veterans committing suicide each day and nearly 50,000 veterans homeless - this doesn’t even begin to cover the other ways that veterans are trying to cope - instead of talking and finding healing from their experiences and their stories.

Bridgewood Church cares and honors those that have served and their families.  On September 9th, we are hosting Military Veteran Ben Peterson with Engage Your Destiny.  This night is designed to bring life, hope, and healing to our heroes.  

Ben has committed to wearing a seabag everywhere he goes – to inspire conversations with veterans. As veterans reach out to him, he prints their stories and adds them to his seabag, which he carries with him.


September 9


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Free Food


Engage Your Destiny Event with

Military Veteran Ben Peterson


Every veteran has a story. Your story matters because you matter. United we stand as brothers and sisters in arms.  Come to share in the power that takes place when veterans gather together to share their stories.