Sisterhood Gatherings

Women love to gather, to connect and to be part of each other’s journey.  Truth is, we need each other.  We do.  That’s God’s design.  The Sisterhood Gathering unites us together with common experiences where God can knit us together with ONE HEART and ONE LOVE. 

Sisterhood Retreats

change of pace + change of space= change of perspective

We need a place to laugh.  We need a weekend to let God be God and reach the places that lay hidden in our hearts. We need to be refreshed.  Once a year, we host a GIRLS GETAWAY!  It’s two fantastic days filled with amazing friends, laughter, adventure, life-giving words and loads of surprises!  You will laugh.  You will cry, you will leave filled up and encouraged by the Holy Spirit. 

Sisterhood In Motion

Sisterhood in Motion is an initiative that is focused on extending compassion, mercy and justice to women and children in need.  There will be times when we will gather as girlfriends and make a difference together, stewarding our influence and our resources because together we really can make a difference.