Friday, May 19th Doors open at 6pm (dinner provided)

Saturday, May 20th Doors open at 8:30am (breakfast provided)

There is nothing like being loved unconditionally and intimately, decade after decade, by someone who promises to be there for better or for worse for the remaining days of your lives. Nurturing and investing in your relationship is the most important investment of your time and energy you can make as a couple.

For this reason, we are bringing in Gary Bruegman, Family Life Counselor from Denver, Colorado, to lead a 3-hour marriage seminar that will strengthen the foundation of your marriage.

Bruegman’s honest, vulnerable, and often humorous seminar will inspire you to reconnect with the most important person in your life: your spouse. Whether your marriage is new or mature, fragile or firm, this FREE 3-hour seminar will strengthen the foundation of your marriage.

Registration Deadline is May 14th.

Which session works best for you?
We are offering two IDENTICAL Seminars for your convenience.  Choose the one that works best with your schedule!