All Things Work Together for Good

“And we know that to them that love God all things work together for good, even to them that are called according to [his] purpose.”
-Romans 8:28 ASV

This is a verse that causes me to think. God says that all things work together for good, all things. All things means all things, good and not so good. I understand that nothing in my life that happens is a surprise to God . He is fully aware of every experience of those who love God, and He uses each situation to perfect us and conform us to His will. It is all a part of His plan for our life. Every challenge, every opportunity has a reason. Sometimes in retrospect we can see a purpose in events that occur.  Other times things can seem random or even unfair. If we treat each situation as a learning experience and look for God’s hand, or try to find what God may be trying to teach us we can use those events to learn and grow.

Everyone has the opportunity to look for God's hand in every situation or to grumble, “Why me?” I choose to see every situation, good or bad, as part of God's plan. That doesn't mean that I am always pleased about everything that happens, but I choose to trust God knowing that He cares for me and has a purpose that will lead me to better things and closer to Him.

Prayer starter
Dear Heavenly Father, help me trust that you work all things together for my good. Let me see your hand in every situation knowing it is all part of your plan for me. Guide me and help me to grow in trust and to love you more.

Dale Petrowske