Perspective Shift 

“He holds in his hands the depths of the earth and the mightiest mountains.”
-Psalm 95:4 NLT

I’m not sure if the sight will ever get old to me.  I wonder if I’ll ever stop gasping when I see the miracle of it all.  I pray I never do, because I love it.

This summer was my second opportunity to be a part of the VWAP mission trip to Montana.  We had the chance to visit Glacier National Park again, and I was “all in.”  This time we didn’t head to the top, but we hiked up a 500-foot ascent to Avalanche Lake.  It was a perspective shift for me.  The last time I was there, I was viewing the incredible sights from a bird’s eye view and I was spell bound.  This time I was but a tiny speck making my way through a miniscule portion of the mountain, and I knew it. 

As we broke through the sky scraping trees we emerged upon a natural “bowl,” if you will.  It was as if God had carved this incredible place for the sole purpose of reminding me who I am and who He is.  It shook me in my spirit and helped me see my life from a different angle. 

Often I can be zeroed in on my life, my relationships, my problems, and my limitations.  My situations become magnified, and the lens I view my life through becomes distorted.  However, when I look at my life through the lens of God’s word I am able to get a true picture of what is real.  God is big.  God is able.  God writes the story.  I am small, but loved and valued.  I am weak, but he gives me limitless potential through him.  I am part of his story by his grace, and His desires for me are good.  I pray today that we never lose the wonder of who he and how much he loves us.

Prayer Starter
You have reminded us today through your word that you are great.  The mightiest mountains fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Our lives are safe within your care.  Help us today to trust you with every detail, both big and small.  We stand in awe of you, Oh God.

Lisa Marsack