Time is Ticking Away

“How do you know what will happen tomorrow?  Your life is like the morning fog.  It’s here a little while then it’s gone.”
- James 4:14

THAT IS A bright and cheery verse!  Ok, maybe not.  I do know it is not something we like to think about but the truth of the matter is that all of us have a beginning and end here on this earth.  Our time is limited.

If you are like me you have done crazy things that could have shortened your stay here because of immaturity. 

Time flies.  Doesn’t it?  The older I get the more I realize that time just continues to pass me by faster and faster.  In all reality, five minutes today is the same as five minutes 20 years ago and it will be the same 20 years in the future.  What I do know is that we need to be good stewards of our time.  That means taking responsibility for each moment of each day. 

Psalm 90 says, “Teach us to make the most of our time so that we may grow in wisdom.”

It is amazing to me to see people who get the devastating news that their life is coming to an end.  They almost always change the way they are living.  They start living in a way that matters each day.  Each moment is special and has meaning and purpose.  They say words that are important and get their lives in order.  

Take some time today and assess your life.  What are some things in your life that need to change because they don’t matter?  What areas of your life need an adjustment? 

It is a good reminder for all of us that our lives will not last forever.  Live each day to the fullest so we don’t come down to the end of life full of regrets.

Prayer Starter
Jesus, we are thankful for each day that you give us life.  Help us not to waste or mismanage the gift of time that you give each one of us.  Search our hearts and lives and help us to make the changes necessary to live a life of worth and value.  Thank you for each day. 

Brad Brimmer
Student Life Pastor