Who Are You Becoming?  

“Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.” 
- Proverbs 13:20

I'm reminded of the illustration of the Eagle and the Turkey.  One day a baby eagle accidentally fell out of his nest and wondered around the nearby woods and got lost.  Soon after that a flock of turkeys came along and said, “son come with us, you’re a turkey.” 

So he went with the turkeys.  He soon began to realize that he didn’t always fit it.  He always walked at a faster pace than the turkeys, he didn’t like eating snails and acorns from the forest floor.  He also realized his gobbled sounded more like a loud screech.  He became more and more frustrated feeling like he just didn’t fit in. 

One day a wise old owl came to him and asked why he seemed so sad.  He said, “I'm just a frustrated turkey, who is sick and tired of eating acorns,” said the eagle.  The owl responded, “Who told you that you were a turkey?”  “The other turkeys,” the eagle said.  The owl showed him that day how to soar and live like he was meant to live.

The sad truth is many of us have believed a lie about our lives from the people around us.  We have let the lies the enemy tells us to keep us from becoming who we are supposed to be. 

I have found that often times our friends have one of the biggest factors in determining who we become.  Are we going to be content living like fools and turning our backs on God simply because a friend is doing it? 

If you want to be great… get next to great people.  Run away from people that continually call you “turkey” your life was meant for so much more. 

Prayer Starter
Dear God, thank you that you made all of us with great purpose and value.  Thank you that there is a plan for all of our lives to live life and life to the fullest.  Help us to find the right people to live life with so that we can become all you want us to be.  Help me to soar like an eagle every day. 

Brad Brimmer
Student Life Pastor