Daily Gifts

“The LORD keeps you from all harm and watches over your life. The LORD keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever.”
- Psalm 121:7-8

I know someone who recently went through a harrowing experience when his car’s hood flew up and completely smashed his windshield while driving full speed down the highway in a high traffic area. Shrapnel began hitting his face and sunglasses turned out to be safety goggles instead. Thankfully he was levelheaded and guided by the Lord on how to safely bring his car to a stop and gave testimony to the Lord’s protection over his life. When I heard this story I was so grateful for his safety, and it made me think about how precious every moment is. Even though this man loves the Lord very much, in fact serves in a huge way at his church, he had to go home differently after that and value the fact that he could still hug his wife and children. He had to see his life as a gift in a deeper way than when he left his house that morning. As I was pondering that the Lord spoke to me. He softly rebuked me regarding my own appreciation for life with the question, “Why wait for a scary experience to deeply appreciate my protection and the gift of your life?" Boom!

If you heard me speak on Mother’s Day then you know that this is a constant conversation God is having with me. I am a planner and my planning has me consistently looking ahead and preparing for what’s next instead of enjoying deeply what’s now. I’m thankful (very thankful) that God brings me back to a place of focus on this. I don’t want to miss the joy set before me and not fully see the gift of each moment. Even as I purpose to thank Him and feel grateful, the things of life can distract me and put me on autopilot. The simple gifts of life are too precious to be wasted. I’m continuing to work on enjoying each one!

Prayer Starter
Lord, help us look for you today. Help us find you in the simple, in the beautiful, in the calm as well as in the struggle. Remove our autopilot and replace it with eyes that see. Remove our anxiety and stress and replace it with thankfulness. Let our faces shine with the knowledge of your grace.

Sue Marquis
Campus Pastor