Beauty for Ashes

He will give a crown of beauty for ashes...
-Isaiah 61:3

Beauty for ashes? Ashes represent COMPLETE destruction.  Nothing remains of what used to be.  It is over, or so it would seem.  Then we read Isaiah 61:3 and everything changes!  The God of the universe and the caretaker of our hearts reverses the laws of science and creates beauty out of destruction.  How can such a thing be possible? 

This is the great exchange.  God takes our pain and our past and makes something breathtakingly beautiful.  Discovering the beauty in the ashes of our past may not be like anything we expected.  But one thing is certain, in every way; it will be so much better.  So be confident today that God is making something beautiful out of the ashes of your pain and your past.

“One thing I am perfectly sure:  God’s story never ends with ashes.”  Elizabeth Elliot, missionary.

Prayer Starter
God, I thank You that my pain and my past is not the end of the story You are writing with my life. May I live today driven by the hope that You make ALL THINGS beautiful.

Christy Demoff