The Discipline of Discernment

So Joseph got up, took the Child and his mother during the night and left for Egypt.
-Matthew 2:14

Joseph was a righteous man; his heart was right with God (Matt 1:19) and He must have been a man of prayer. Previously, Joseph was able to discern to take Mary as his wife, when he was about to leave her when things did not make sense. Now he was able to discern God’s voice and he knew that what he heard was truly from God and not just bad pizza.

I am encouraged by his courage to step out in faith and take his family to an unknown territory with lots of questions and even more uncertainty, as he was leaving everything known behind, every comfort and material blessings he just experienced. Yet I am challenged by his ability to discern God's voice in times when things getting either too comfortable and or when trouble is on its way. Joseph was well prepared for this time, and thus he moved on God’s short notice and clear direction with confidence and courage.

How well are we prepared to discern the God's voice and His direction for our lives? Will we respond without delay courageously and with confidence when we are called to move? As we live by faith we have to trust and obey our Savior and Lord with certainty, and know that He holds our future in His hand and that He is trustworthy when He directs our steps.

Prayer Starter
God, You are the Great I am, You hold my future in Your mighty and gracious hands. Your direction can be trusted even though it might not make sense to me right now. I pray that my heart is well prepared that I might be able to discern your voice regardless of my circumstances. Lord, fill my heart with Your peace, so that I am able to obey Your commands with courage and to trust Your divine direction for my life with confidence.

Klaus Tiefenbach