Possible? You know it!

With God, All Things Are possible.
-Matthew 19:26

Any time I ever question if God hears me or if I can count on Him, I go back and read the account of Abraham and Sarah.  Almost a century old, Abram was no spring chicken and his wife Sarai, the bible says is “well beyond” the years of having a baby.  That’s code for post menopausal or pre-death.  The wallpaper in the nursery was faded, baby furniture out of date.  Just the mention of a child brings sighs and tears. . . and God tells them they’d better select a name for their new son. They laugh! Partly because it’s too good to happen and partly because it might.  They’ve given up hope.  They laugh a little at God, and a lot with God—because I’m sure God is laughing too.  His sense of humor is far better than mine. 

With the smile still on His face, He gets busy doing what He does the best—the unbelievable. Abram, the father of one, will now be Abraham, the father of a promised multitude. Sarai, the barren one, will now be Sarah, the mother.

Their names aren’t the only thing God changes. He changes the way they define the word “impossible”!

Prayer Starter
Lord, today I pray that You would redefine the word impossible for all of us.  When we face what we see as impossible, You see an opportunity to be amazing.  Help us today to realize how amazing You are and how possible our situations are when You are involved.

Shawn Marsack
Executive Pastor