More Than

“ all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”
-Romans 8:37

Doesn’t this verse make you feel strong and secure? I have read this verse so many times and felt like a warrior who wins the battle. It is indeed referring to a battle that wages between the flesh (what I want) and the Spirit. Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit, is reassuring us that when we choose to make Christ our Lord and let His Spirit call the shots in our life, the outcome of the battle is decided. We have won. What about the words “more than? “How can someone be more than a conqueror? A conqueror wins the battle, so why include “more than” in this verse? How do you “more than” conquer?

Could it be that God has so much more in store for us than even the amazing gift that winning this battle represents, things beyond our imagination? Or could it mean that not only do we win when we let the Holy Spirit control the steering wheel of our life, but those we love win as well? They receive the overflow of our blessing. They receive an example of a life lived God’s way and the reward that comes from that. 

The possibilities are endless when God tells us we are “more than.” It is time we begin believing it!

Prayer Starter
Lord, help me see beyond the limits my mind puts to your Word and begin to believe that I am “more than.” When my faith is increased in this way, my actions follow and that is when others can’t help but pay attention.

                                                                                                        Sue Marquis
Campus Pastor